South Side Park Trail Update


The Mount Washington CDC Emerald Trail Corps has completed their work on South Side Park for the summer. Here’s an update on the work done from the project manager:

Today I walked the completed trail loop, which includes the lower leg of the paved trail at the southern end of the park, the plateau area and a brief jaunt through the Quarry Field parking lot and along the sidewalk at the end of the field, with a mileage roller. The total trail distance came in at just under a mile (approx .9 mi) at 4,909 feet.

Of that total, the Emerald Trail Corps completed work through reroutes and intensive maintenance on 2,512 feet of trail (just under .5 mi). This is only for portions of trail which we moved a significant amount of dirt to form or reform the trail tread and not trail area brushed or where the existing and remaining tread received light maintenance.

In addition, we removed around 8-10 bags of garbage including broken glass as well as a couple of tires from the trail corridor. We reinforced two water crossing which intersect the trail with rock inlays and shut down at least 300 feet of old trail which was either highly eroded or no longer necessary in the trail plan. We did not keep a count of how many vines were removed or trees we needed to fell in the process of clearing the new trail corridors.

– Thomas D. Guentner,  Emerald Trail Corps Project Manager

Now, get out and enjoy the much-improved trail!


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