City of Pittsburgh Residents:

Recycling is mandatory for every resident, business, office and institution in the City of Pittsburgh (City Code 619). Your recycling not only helps the City to recover valuable resources and save energy, but it also generates revenue and saves on landfill costs.

The City currently does a single stream system of recycling. Residents can put the following materials together in a blue bag or place blue bags in bright blue containers
not exceeding 35 gal in size and clearly marked Recycling to be picked up every other week on their scheduled pick up day:

Metal Containers
Plastics (#1-#5)
Office Paper
Magazines, Catalogs
Junk Mail, Hard Cover and Phone books
Paperboard (cereal boxes, cracker boxes)

Residents must flatten and bundle cardboard

Recycling Collection Details, Schedule for City Residents Click Here

For information on where to recycle all types of other materials not collected curbside take a look at the
Allegheny County Recycling Resource Directory

Other Recycling Resources:

Appliances with freon:
Construction Junction
Appliance Warehouse * Appliance Warehouse currently has a program where they will pick up your appliance at no charge

Car Batteries: Tri-State Petroleum Recovery  (412) 247-5900, McKees Rocks

Clothing/Household items: Goodwill Industries (412)481-5390, 2600 East Carson Street

Hazardous household chemicals (includes paints, stains, automobile fluids, and more), visit Southwestern PA Household Hazardous Waste Task Force or call 412.488.7495 for upcoming drop off events

Polystyrene loose fill (packing peanuts) & Bubble wrap: UPS South Side 1735 East Carson Street (412)381-7755

Usable Building materials (cabinetry, staircases, molding, bathroom/kitchen fixtures, brick, etc.):
Construction Junction 214 North Lexington Street Point Breeze, PA (412) 243-5025

Construction Junction is also a drop off location for phone books, magazines & catalogs, junk mail, cardboard, newspaper, and recyclable metal, plastic and glass year round in the parking lot. They also have a free pick up service for larger donations if deemed acceptable. Your donation is tax deductible.

Wood/Yard Waste: AgRecycle Compost Center (412)242-7645, 335 North Braddock Ave.


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