The Association

COME JOIN US: A minimum of five General Meetings of the membership will be
held at a location announced one month in advance of the established meeting day.
Two of these meetings will be neighborhood parties: a Christmas/Holiday Party and
a Summer Party.

See our homepage for specific upcoming dates.

Our mission is to maintain, foster and improve the quality of life, safety and unity of our Slopes neighborhood.

  • NEIGHBORHOOD UNITY – to encourage communication and provide education on pertinent issues and to foster a sense of community spirit among neighbors.
  • ADVOCACY / LIAISON – to act as the unified voice of the neighborhood, coordinating our needs and problems with the appropriate governmental officials.
  • PUBLIC SAFETY – to provide ways for public officials and Slopes’ residents to work together to solve safety issues.
  • HOUSING – to work with the public sector and other interested parties to improve the housing stock on the Slopes by eliminating derelict properties, maintaining existing homes, and fostering home ownership.
  • BEAUTIFICATION – to create, maintain, and improve public gardens and green spaces on the Slopes.

The South Side Slopes neighborhood is one of Pittsburgh’s jewels. Graced with spectacular views of the city and abundant green space, the Slopes provide affordable urban living just minutes from Downtown, Oakland, and the lively, historic Carson Street corridor. Narrow, winding streets and a network of steps connect this unique hillside garden community. Many of the homes on the Slopes, originally built for immigrant workers who flocked to the mills and factories at the turn of the century, are of a distinctive, vernacular Victorian style. With the closing of the steel mills and economic hard times, the Slopes neighborhood was neglected. Over the past few years, there has been a renewed interest in this community. Concerned residents organized to draw attention to the wonderful opportunities afforded by the Slopes and have been advocating for the needs of the Slopes. We must continue to have a voice where decisions are being made. We have a strong working relationship with local government and agencies who allocate their resources to maintain and upgrade this marvelous neighborhood. You can help by becoming a member of SSSNA, attending meetings and functions, or if you are able, by making a financial contribution.


The SSSNA has:

  • Partnered with the South Side Local Development Company (SSLDC) to win state designation as an Elm Street District within the City of Pittsburgh.
  • Lobbied and worked with fire and city officials to acquire new, smaller fire engines for our narrow, steep, winding streets. This success paved the way for smaller fire trucks in other City neighborhoods.
  • Negotiated successfully with railroad and city officials to replace rather than eliminate the 15th and 10th Street pedestrian bridges that connect the Flats with the Slopes.
  • Obtained state and city funding to install public safety lighting on both the 15th and 10th Street pedestrian bridges.
  • Secured city improvements to the sidewalks and the installation of safety lighting at several railroad underpasses that are the gateways to our neighborhood by working with the City of Pittsburgh and the SSLDC.
  • Requested new sidewalks which were built on Josephine Street between 23rd and 24th Streets.
  • Developed an excellent rapport with government officials and other organizations to pursue mutually advantageous goals.
  • Created, organized and successfully launched the StepTrek, a unique tour of the Slopes using mapped routes of the city steps to showcase our neighborhood, which is featured in the Rick Sebak documentary, “It’s the Neighborhoods”.
  • Worked with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation to create and maintain beautiful gardens at Barry Street, Greeley Street and two historic perennial gardens on 18th Street.
  • With the SSLDC, recruited tree stewards to care for 54 trees which were planted Spring 2003 along Josephine Street between 18th and 27th Streets.
  • Organized and conducted periodic neighborhood clean-ups which have yielded thousands of pounds of trash and recyclables.
  • Removed more than 1,000 tires discarded throughout the Slopes.
  • Completed a comprehensive infrastructure survey of the entire Slopes neighborhood with financial assistance from the Birmingham Foundation.
  • Supported the South Side Local Development Company (SSLDC) in demolishing blighted housing and building eight new homes in the Shelly Street area of the Slopes.
  • Lobbied for and achieved historic designation of Saint Michael Church on Pius Street.
  • Developed and implemented the “Welcome Bag Program” for new residents.
  • Appeared in the book “The Steps of Pittsburgh, Portrait of a City” by Bob Regan with photos by Tim Fabian.
  • Appeared in multiple articles in periodicals including the New York Times and Washington Post.
  • Received recognition for SSSNA, South Side Chamber of Commerce and PA Cleanways for the collaborative “Tire Toss” with the Proclamation of “South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association Day” in the City of Pittsburgh by City Council on September 27, 2005.

Neighbors working together make a difference in our neighborhood.

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