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Black Route

From the registration area you can join the Black Route on S. 21st St. Please see map and narrative.

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Serpentine Steps

Make a left and descend these 72 serpentine steps, grouped together in sets of three, to top of S. 21st St. Follow paved road on left down to the registration area where you started. The trees on the right were … Continue reading

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S. 18th St.

Cross to opposite side and turn right. Walk 40 feet to entrance to South Side Park and walk down Kimbol St. into the park.

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St. Leo St.

Turn right and continue past century-old brick homes to where street meets Crossman St.

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Crossman St.

Look up. You are now directly below the Oporto Street landslide. Make left and follow street to S. 18th St.

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Roscoe St.

At bottom of steps, cross lane and make right on Roscoe St. Ascend 8 steps on left side. Continue past Crossman St. to St. Leo St. Notice the tight yards on the right.

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Oporto St.

Make left and descend to Oporto St. Steps. A landslide this past spring has closed Oporto to the south and right of you. The neighborhood is in a constant negotiation with the city to maintain the infrastructure of its hillside … Continue reading

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Oporto St. Steps

Descend 10 steps and turn right. Begin descending the 115 steps to Roscoe St. To the right of the steps was the site of the Sankey brick yard that was active in the Slopes until the 1950s. Many a yard … Continue reading

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Huron St.

Make right. This dead-end street is pitched high in the Slopes with lovely view below.

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The Yard Way Steps

Built in 1944, the steps drop a total of 301 stairs to Pius St. below. Cross Shamokin and descend 63 of them to Huron St. and the temporarily closed Winters Playground. It is one of a series of parklets dotting … Continue reading

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