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Yard Way

Make a left on Yard Way and walk to Shamokin St. View uptown, Oakland and Greenfield across the river. South Side Works, on the site of the former LTV site, sits to the bottom right.

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* Billy Buck Hill

Founded by Germans, its homes – like many on the South Side – have passed through generations of families. The name Billy Buck comes from goats once kept in the yard of a local store. Bordered by cliffs and rugged … Continue reading

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St. Paul St.

At top of steps, notice the brick garden wall to the far left. It is part of the St. Paul of the Cross Monastery and Retreat Center. The wall appear to be the original one that shielded the enclave from … Continue reading

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St. Paul St. Steps

Use caution in crossing S. 18th Street to steps on opposite side. Ascend the 82 steps to St. Paul St.

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St. Patrick St.

Make left and descend St. Patrick. Continue past Saber Way and ascend toward S. 18th St. Take the last five steps on left to S. 18th St.

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Lower Quarry St.

At the bottom of the steps turn left, where you again pick up Quarry St. Continue walking forward and keep right to join Gable St. Keeping right, follow to its end at St. Patrick St.

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Quarry St. Steps

At street’s end, turn right and descend 32 steps.

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Quarry St.

Be careful as you cross S. 18th St. to Quarry St. Walk this quirky lane that starts at the top of a vale that descends through the Slopes. Continue along Quarry to where it ends at steps.

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* Mural on S. 18th Street

Nearly everyone on the Slopes has a retaining wall. They are a function of the steep terrain and the residents’ desire to make the most use of their land. A state grant in 2004 turned this retaining wall into a … Continue reading

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Rugraff St.

The Slopes neighborhood possesses quiet, sometimes forgotten, alleys that provide respite and seclusion from the city. Rugraff provides views to the left of wooded hillsides and distant houses. To the right, perched over the slopes, rise tall, tightly packed houses. … Continue reading

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