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Fernleaf St.

Make right. On the left is former Engine House #22 which was established in 1894. Ahead at the intersection with Salisbury is the Brashear Association’s Kaufmann Neighborhood House.

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* Arlington Playground, Ballfield & Spray Park

For all its steepness, there are playgrounds and ball fields throughout the Slopes. This ballfield regularly hosts baseball and softball games under the lights which can be seen from the South Side Flats and Oakland. Take in views of downtown’s … Continue reading

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Fort Hill Steps

At end of park, keep left and descend the 49 steps to Fernleaf St.

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Arlington Park Steps

Make left and ascend 12 steps to Arlington Park.

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Arlington Ave.

Make right. Walk three blocks to Sterling St.

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Sterling St.

Make right. Walk past Fort Hill St. to steps on far side of yellow brick building.

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Clover St. Steps to Arlington

Take right and ascend 103 steps to Arlington Ave.

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Eccles St.

Turn left. Walk one block to Clover St. Steps.

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Eleanor St.

Make left. Keep left and continue up Eleanor past Salisbury St. to Eccles St.

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Cobden St.

Make right. The course takes you along the spine of a knoll, with yards sloping down on either side. Look between homes on right for views of Oakland. Continue to Eleanor St.

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