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* SSSNA Founding

Just after 49 Holt St. is an open lot. A fire here destroyed three homes on Memorial Day weekend 1997. Alarmed by the inability of a standard fire truck to negotiate the narrow streets and sharp turns, a group of … Continue reading

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Mission St.

Make left and keep to high sidewalk on left side of Mission. Ahead lies the scenic St. Josaphat’s Chapel and the spectacular view that takes in Mt. Washington, the Liberty, Fort Pitt and West End Bridges, the roofs of the … Continue reading

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Barry/Holt St. Steps

Cross to the other side of Barry. Make a left and climb the 48 steps on right side to the curve.

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Oakley Way

Make right. You’re at the upper end of this grand stairway through the Slopes. Descend 22 steps to Stromberg St. Drop down another 14 steps to high sidewalk above Mission St. Do not walk down to street level.

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Sumner St.

Cross to opposite side at mail box. Take in the view of downtown. Descend 9 steps to sidewalk. The walk and homes sit below street level, a feature seen throughout the Slopes. Make left and descend 17 steps along the … Continue reading

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Clover St. Steps

Make left and keep left to descend 51 steps on left side of house. Continue down paved lane to Burham St.

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Burham St.

Turn right and continue to end of street.

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* Cobden Street Churches

In this section of the Slopes are a couple of smaller churches. The Second Primative Methodist Church is at 2430 Cobden St. Cobden Street Baptist Church is on the right corner at 2500 Cobden St.

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Eleanor St.

Make left and walk one block.

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Cobden St.

Turn right. The course takes you along the spine of a knoll, with yards sloping down on either side. Look between homes on left for views of Oakland. Continue to Clover St.

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