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Return to Start

Descend the steps behind the bus shelter on the left at 18th & Mission. These 102 steps drop down to 21st St. To return to the registration area, make a right at the bottom of the steps.

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Mission St. Continued

Stay on Mission. After the first bridge is the Mission St. pumping station circa 1900, which delivers water into the neighborhood and surrounding area. An initiative in 2009 brightened this area by replacing existing street lighting with higher wattage lamps. … Continue reading

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Join Gold Route

To join Gold Route, stop at S. 18th St. Please see Gold Route map and directions. To return to start, see next section.

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Mission St.

Turn left. Across the street is the former St. Josaphat Church.

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* St. Josaphat Church

Dedicated in 1916, the Roman Catholic Church was built to serve a Polish parish established in 1901. The building is Romanesque with a Byzantium influence evident in the arches, pillars and bell tower. The main altar held relics of St. … Continue reading

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Holt St. continued

Descend the 44 wooden steps that were rebuilt in 1999 to Sterling St.

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Sterling St.

Cross to stop sign and make right to descend these 64 steps that were built in 1951. Continue down to Mission Street.

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Holt St. continued

Continue past Eleanor St. and keep right.

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* The Dirty Dozen

Each November, Pittsburgh hosts a 50-mile bike race that goes up 13 of its steepest hills. Eleanor St. is one of the Dirty Dozen. Take a look up the street to get a sense of the vertical climb. Another is … Continue reading

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* SSSNA Founding

Just after 49 Holt St. is an open lot. A fire here destroyed three homes on Memorial Day weekend 1997. Alarmed by the inability of a standard fire truck to negotiate the narrow streets and sharp turns, a group of … Continue reading

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