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East Route

To join East Route, make a left at the bottom of the steps and follow St. 21st St. to Josephine St. For more information, please see narrative for East Route.

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Mission St. Steps

Behind the bus shelter at the intersection of Mission St. and S. 18th St. is a set of steps. Descend the 102 steps to South Side Park and StepTrek Marketplace. You may also join the East Route at the bottom … Continue reading

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Pius St.

Make a left. Continue east on Pius toward S. 18th St. Signs of prior commercial use dot the street, as seen at 115 Pius and 126 Pius, which once housed a neighborhood bakery. Stay on right side of street. At … Continue reading

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S. 18th St. Steps

Though daylight now, by night these steps glow with LED light fixtures installed in 2012. Their illumination provides helpful lighting and serve as beacons to highlight and celebrate the neighborhood’s steps. The project was made possible with a major grant … Continue reading

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S. 18th St.

Make a right on S. 18th. Keep right and cross under the railroad bridge. This underpass is one of seven that cuts beneath the railroad along the base of the Slopes. In a joint project between the SSLDC, SSSNA and … Continue reading

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* Fire Safety on the Slopes

A fire destroyed three Slopes’ homes on Memorial Day weekend 1997. Alarmed by the inability of a standard city fire truck to negotiate the neighborhood’s narrow streets and sharp turns, a group of residents joined forces to create the South … Continue reading

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Mary St.

Turn left and continue along Mary to S. 18th St. At the corner on the left is the fire station.

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S. 17th St.

Hang a right and walk a half block to Mary St.

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161 S. 15th St.

Beside house is another public walkway, though a bit wider. Walk through to S. 17th St.

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S. 16th St.

Cross the street and make a left to reach 161 S. 16th.

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