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153 & 151 S. 15th St.

Between these two houses is a narrow, paved walkway to S. 16th St. Turn right and walk through.

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S. 15th St.

To the right is the former Polska Szkola built in 1898. Continue down S. 15th St. one half block. On the left, a couple of doors down from Breed St. is St. Adalbert Church. This is one of only two … Continue reading

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* Pedestrian Bridges

At the request of SSSNA & Slopes residents, the City and railroad completed this footbridge and the other at S. 10th St. in 2002. The trestle is made of the same COR-TEN steel as the U.S. Steel tower downtown. The … Continue reading

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S. 15th St. Steps

Make left and descend the 26 steps along left side to Clinton St. At Clinton, descend 60 steps to the footbridge over the Norfolk Southern Railroad.

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* St. Michael Parish

The complex on the right includes the Burning Bush, which offers a retreat center for quiet meditation in overnight rooms. At 44 Pius is the former St. Michael’s Madchen Schule and previous home of the Veronica’s Veil playhouse. The theater … Continue reading

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* Cholera Plague of 1849

In 1849, a deadly cholera plague hit Pittsburgh. The parish could not find enough burial places for its deceased members. Parishioners prayed to St. Roch and vowed to keep a day holy if the plague would cease. It did. Another … Continue reading

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* St. Michael Church

The influence of the church was strong in the Slopes. St. Michael parish started in a house in 1848 where the church front now stands. Designed by Charles Bartberger of Stuttgart, Germany, the church was built between 1855 and 1860 … Continue reading

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Pius St.

Make a left. You are next to the former St. Michael Church. Keep left and walk to S. 15th St.

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Brosville St. Steps

Keep left and climb 43 steps to Pius St.

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S. 12th St.

Cross and make right. Take two steps up and climb left side of S. 12th along the sidewalk and stone wall to the bridge. Mid-span, look left to view the 15th Street pedestrian bridge and right for the 10th St. … Continue reading

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