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Serpentine Steps

Make a left and descend these 72 serpentine steps, grouped together in sets of three. In the hill to the right are trails created as part of the South Side Park development. Come back and discover at your leisure. At … Continue reading

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S. 18th St.

Cross to opposite side and make right. Walk 40 feet to entrance to “South Side Park” at Saber Way.

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South Side Park, Saber Way

Make left and walk down Saber Way into park. Serpentine Steps are on your left before the parking lot.

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Crossman St.

Make right and follow to S. 18th St.

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Oporto St. Steps

Turn right. Begin descending the 115 steps to Roscoe St. To the right of the steps was the site of the Sankey brick yard that was active in the Slopes until the 1950s. Many a yard in the slopes has … Continue reading

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Roscoe St.

At bottom of steps, cross lane and make right on Roscoe St. Ascend 9 steps on left side. In a half block is Crossman St.

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Yard Way

Make a left on Yard Way and walk to Shamokin St. View uptown, Oakland and Greenfield across the river. The South Side Works, on the site of the former LTV site, sits to the bottom right. The Yard Way steps, … Continue reading

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Baldauf St.

Turn right and climb 5 steps to upper sidewalk on right. Notice the houses on the left sit below grade, a feature seen in this steeply sloped neighborhood. The lower sidewalk is their only point of access. Continue to the … Continue reading

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St. Paul St.

Make left. The orange brick building on the left is the St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center, which is available for individual retreats by arrangement. Continue down the street to the brick walls that are part of the monastery. … Continue reading

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* Billy Buck Hill

Founded by Germans, the name Billy Buck comes from goats once kept in the yard of a local store. Bordered by cliffs and rugged terrain, the area is accessible by steps and a single street. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, … Continue reading

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