Knoxville Incline Greenway

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From 1890 to 1960, the Knoxville Incline served as a connector between the South Side Flats and the hilltop. In 2011, a mural was added at the intersection of Brosville and East Warrington Avenue to remember the historic site. There is a foot trail accessible off of Brosville Street which leads to the Welsh Way stairs and Fritz Street – which both connect to the South Side Flats.

The South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association worked with the Hilltop Alliance, Allentown CDC, and GTECH Strategies to revitalize this area and establish the Knoxville Incline Greenway on the site of the old incline.

The groups worked together to add signage, replace graffiti tagged jersey barriers with natural boulders, add benches, and plant wildflowers. From the benches, you can see a view of Oakland.

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