South Side Park Fundraiser at Acacia

Our second fundraiser for the South Side Park will take place at Acacia on June 3rd, South Side’s premier cocktail bar. Acacia has graciously offered their space and a generous percentage of their profits. All funds raised will go towards the signage of trails in the park and signs for the parks entrances to direct people into this great neighborhood amenity.

At 6pm we will lead a tour into some of the park trails and throw in some steps for good measure – consider it a mini-StepTrek. The tour will take about an hour. We will meet outside of Acacia.

At 7pm the official fundraiser will start and will continue until 9pm. We will have delicious cocktails (and maybe a themed South Side Slopes concoction), the Steer and Wheel food truck, and maybe some live music. Did we mention delicious cocktails?

We look forward to seeing you there!

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