South Side – Sweep Your Stoop

A friendly neighborhood reminder from our Neighborhood Association President and South Side friends:
South Side- Sweep Your Stoop

Please remember that as a good neighbor, it’s your responsibility to keep the sidewalk in front of your property clean.

If you already do this – Thank you!

If you have a neighbor that consistently does not keep their sidewalk clean, please visit the website below to file a 311 REPORT.

It’s important that we all work together to keep South Side clean. Under City Code 419.09 you are required to keep your business and residential properties clean of trash, leaves, graffiti and litter. The effort is minimal and results can be tremendous to our city and neighborhood.

Please do what’s right so we don’t have to cite!

(Magistrate Court Costs of $50, plus judgement fine of $25 – $350)

Because a CLEAN South Side will help ALL of us and encourage visitors to support and respect our community.


Thank you,

Kim Collins, President, South Side Chamber of Commerce

Catherine Mitchell, President, South Side Community Council

Brian Oswald, President, South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association

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