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Join West Route

To join West Route, turn right under Mission Street Bridge (overhead) and climb 102 steps to S. 18th St. Please see West Route map and directions.

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Josephine St.

Keep left and walk along the side of Josephine St. to sidewalk in front of Emerald Art Glass. Its shop is open to the public during week days. Decorative glass is made on site for both residential and commercial use. … Continue reading

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S. 21st St.

Make left and return to StepTrek Marketplace at the base of South Side Park. Congrats! You have completed the StepTrek East Route.

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Leticoe St.

In the 2500 block, before the crest of the hill, look right to the houses tucked behind houses. Close quarters! Continue to Eleanor St.

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Eleanor St.

Make right and descend Eleanor St. steps on left side of street. The 16 steps were poured in 2000.

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Barry St. Steps

Cross to the other side of Barry. Make a right and descend 16 steps to Leticoe St. Steps on left side.

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Leticoe St. Steps

Located at the eastern terminus of Leticoe St., these wooden steps have been reconstructed in stages beginning in the 1990’s. There are 58 steps. At the bottom cross Kosciusko Way and continue up Leticoe St.

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Oakley Way Steps Cont’d

Climb 22 steps to Shelly St. and then 98 steps to Mission St. Turn around and take in the view!

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Mission St.

Cross Mission and climb five steps to high sidewalk on uphill side. Make right. Ahead lies the scenic St. Josaphat’s Chapel and the spectacular view that takes in Mt. Washington, the Liberty, Fort Pitt and West End Bridges, the roofs … Continue reading

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Shelley St.

On the left are three of eight townhouses built in 2003 by the South Side Local Development Company in cooperation with the SSSNA. The new homes had to be shoe-horned into the hillside between existing homes. Continue walking Up Oakley … Continue reading

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