2024 Slopes Board Updates

Annual SSSNA Meeting at the Kollar Club

The South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association (SSSNA) is excited to announce its updated Board of Directors as of our Annual meeting on March 12, 2024.

Re-elected board members were: Cara Jette, Gavin Robb, Lucia Sanchez-Madrigal, Jami Szalla, Marc Bowman and Andrew Fetzko. We also welcomed new board member, Hannah Lewandowski.

Hanna moved to Pittsburgh and directly into the Slopes in 2018 and immediately knew this was the part of the city she would stay in. Hannah enjoys reading, working out, and trying the best and newest places for a cup of coffee or happy hour. She brings her passion to sharing the Slopes neighborhoods to her work in real estate and political campaigns always convincing someone to become a new neighbor. 

There is now one opening for a Board positions. Please contact info@southsideslopes.org if you are interested in joining the Board or a committee. You must have attended 2 meetings or events in the last year to be eligible to join the Board of Directors.

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