Open Spaces Meeting March 28

Thursday, March 28 from 7 to 9 PM at the South Side Market House, City planners will present their “OPENSPACEPGH” plans for the South Side Slopes and Flats. Please join us!

OPENSPACEPGH is Pittsburgh’s first comprehensive guide to the optimal use of its vacant, green, and recreational spaces over the next 25 years. It is a component of PLANPGH, the City’s first ever comprehensive long range plan.

The City’s open spaces comprise 18.7% of its land base and offer many benefits to its residents. Open spaces support recreation, protect natural areas, enhance water and air quality, foster community identity and sustain community gardens. This plan provides clear instructions and guidelines for optimal land use and infrastructure decisions for the City as well as its residents for the next 25 years. It includes guidelines for parks and greenways, as well as vacant and distressed properties.

OPENSPACEPGH assesses the City’s entire parks system and makes recommendations as to where parks should be located and what levels of investment are planned for individual parks & facilities throughout its neighborhoods. The plan also looks at how we can best utilize our hillsides and vacant properties to improve the quality of life for the City and its residents.

To learn more, visit OPENSPACEPGH, or contact

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