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Black Route

To join Black/East Route, make a left at the bottom of the steps and follow St. 21st St. to Josephine St. For more information, please see map and narrative for Black/East Route.

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Mission St. Steps

Behind the bus shelter at the intersection of Mission St. and S. 18th St. is a set of steps. Descend the 102 steps to South Side Park and StepTrek Marketplace. You may also join the East Route at the bottom … Continue reading

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The Yard Way Steps

Built in 1944, the stairs drop a total of 314 steps to Pius St. below. They are the longest set of stairs on this side of the Slopes. Cross Shamokin and descend 63 steps to Huron St. and Winters Playground. … Continue reading

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Pius St.

Turn right and retrace your steps to S. 18th St. Stay on right side of street. At the stoplight, cross S. 18th Street to Mission St.

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Yard Way

Make a left on Yard Way and walk to Shamokin St. View uptown, Oakland and Greenfield across the river. South Side Works, on the site of the former LTV site, sits to the bottom right.

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* Billy Buck Hill

Founded by Germans, the name Billy Buck comes from goats once kept in the yard of a local store. Bordered by cliffs and rugged terrain, the area is accessible by steps and a single street. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, … Continue reading

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St. Paul St.

Make left. The orange brick building on the left is the St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center, which is available for individual retreats by arrangement. Continue down the street to the brick walls that are part of the monastery. … Continue reading

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Monastery Ave.

From the top of Monastery St., make a right and descend one block along left side of Monastery Ave. to St. Paul St.

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* St. Paul of the Cross Monastery

Known as the barefoot missionaries, the Passionists vowed to live a life of prayer, poverty, penance and solitude. The first bishop of Pittsburgh invited the Italian order over in 1852. Designed by the architect Charles Bartberger, who also designed St. … Continue reading

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Monastery St. Steps

Cross street and make left to ascend 15 steps on the right side. These steps and sidewalk were rebuilt a few years ago as part of a project to replace a larger set of steps that ran the length of … Continue reading

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