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S. 18th St.

Keep to the left and continue down S. 18th under the railroad bridge. The underpass is one of seven that cuts beneath the railroad along the base of the Slopes. In a joint project between the South Side Local Development … Continue reading

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S. 18th Street Steps

These steps were upgraded in 2012 through a combination of the state’s Elm Street funding and a grant from Duquesne Light’s “Power of Light” program to repair, pressure wash and stain the concrete steps and install LED light fixtures below … Continue reading

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Optional Detour to Saint Josaphat Church

It’s about a 15 minute diversion to visit this Byzantium-influenced church. To skip this detour, jump to #16 in this narrative. Otherwise, turn right on Pius and walk to the stop light at Pius & S. 18th streets.  Cross S. … Continue reading

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Pius Street

Look to the right. The green steeple is St Josaphat Church. See optional detour below OR make a left and continue along Pius St. to the top of the 18th street stairs, they will be on the right side of … Continue reading

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Yard Way

Welcome to Billy Buck Hill! Make a left on Yard Way and walk to Shamokin St. View uptown, Oakland and Greenfield across the river. The South Side Works, the former LTV Steel site, sits to the bottom right. The Yard … Continue reading

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St. Paul St.

Walk the sidewalk along the right of St. Paul to Yard Way.

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Monastery Ave.

From the steps of the church, turn left and walk one block and turn left onto St. Paul St.

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Monastery St.

Cross Monastery St. and make a left. Ascend the 15 steps on the right side which were rebuilt in 2013. Ahead is St. Paul of the Cross Monastery.

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St. Thomas St. Steps

These next 78 steps continue up to St. Joseph’s Way. Walk one half block up to Monastery St.

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Hackstown St.

Make a right on Hackstown. Across the street and down 15 yards are the St. Thomas St. steps.

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