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Steve Seventy St. & Steps

Make left. Descend 108 steps to Mary St. Near the bottom on the right is a set of steps providing the only access to a group of homes high above Mary St. You are now in the area known as … Continue reading

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* Steve Seventy St. History

The street is named after a Penna. State legislature who represented the area from 1979 to 1988. Since 1950, South 30th Street had been closed at the request of railroads serving the area’s then-bustling steel mills. As a result, the … Continue reading

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Mary St.

At the bottom of Steve Seventy St. steps, turn right on Mary St. Walk up Mary to where it ends at two sets of descending steps. Take the Mary St. steps on the right. They begin at 3200 Mary.

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Telescope St. Steps

Make a right and descend 56 steps to Telescope St. Continue down street as it bends to the right to Josephine St.

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Josephine St.

Carefully cross Josephine St. and make a right. Continue up the left side of Josephine to Steve Seventy Steps just past 2925 Josephine. Across and lining the uphill side of Josephine are the concrete walls of the former water reservoir.

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Stella St. is two levels here. On your left is an iron fence that divides the two sections. In 1935 the Work Projects Administration (WPA) terraced this part of the hillside and created the bi-level street topped with an iron … Continue reading

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* Monongahela Park

Years ago this grassy area was a city reservoir. The basin was filled with earth in the 1950s. Cross the short clearing and descend 18 steps to the ball fields. Rugby and other pick up sports meet here regularly. Cross … Continue reading

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Stella St.

Keep to the right and descend along Stella. Not 50 feet past the first house are Telescope St. Steps, located before 2739 Stella.

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Northview St. Steps

Make a left and descend 113 steps through a nicely shaded area. The remains of a foundation stand near the bottom on the right. Where the steps come out of the woods is a park. Straight ahead is Josephine St. … Continue reading

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Cobden St.

Make a left and walk one short block to Northview St.

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