StepTrek 2019

Welcome to StepTrek 2019! This is our new digital narrative. Click one of the route images below to walk the route and read the narrative.

This year we invite you to explore one or both routes that traverse nearly 6 miles and almost three thousand steps!!

The Western Slopes are showcased on the Gold Route that includes nearly 1,600 steps and the UPMC Big Bell Climb atop the 314 steps at Yard Way at the very beginning of the route. Trekkers will also see “Billy Buck Hill,” The Knoxville Incline Greenway, and several neighbor maintained parks along the way.

The Black Route through the Eastern Slopes includes over 1,400 steps and tours through Monongahela Park, “Hunky Hollow,” The Kollar Club, and The Mosaic Steps on Oakley Way. There may even be a hidden Wine Tent as you traverse the route.

Black Route Slider Gold Route Slider
Black Route Details Gold Route Details

We hope you have a great day!

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