Congratulations to our new Pittsburgh elected officials!

Last night, South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association President Brian Oswald and former President Brad Palmisiano celebrated the inauguration of Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and the election of new City Council President Bruce Kraus. Congratulations to our new officials, and we look forward to working with you going forward.

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2 Responses to Congratulations to our new Pittsburgh elected officials!

  1. Quarry off Gable says:

    Lack of salt or no – dead end street or no – the least the Dept. of Public Works can do is apply a plow. I moved here in 2005 after hearing that this is the “most livable City” and because the house I bought was reasonably priced. But after an over-valuation from a tax assessor who has never even heard of a topographical map and does not know what the word “slope” means, I find it disconcerting that my street – a dead-end street off Gable – is a horrible mess, particularly since there’s a ditch on one side of it, and neighbors have told me that an ambulance once ended up in it due to lack of snow removal prior to my having moved here in 2005.

    I find that particularly disconcerting since I’m a Type 1 Diabetic. Why is this area paying more taxes when pleas to at least apply a shovel are ignored. I understand there isn’t enough salt (although no one has actually had the decency to respond with an explanation). But a plow? I paid for the overtime when my taxes were hiked. It’s not just inconvenient for me to take two buses into work this morning. It makes me anxious to even live on a dead-end street as someone who might eventually find myself in need of an ambulance during the winter. At least if I lived up in the sticks there’d probably be someone with an ATV and a plow attached to it being neighborly and clearing the road.

    So there’s an idea. Why don’t you buy some ATVs with plows and charge Tom Corbet and Blue Dog Bill Peduto for them.

    I feel concerned about my neighbors also who are retired, have lived here all their lives, and just throw their hands up in the air, defeated from experience with the people presumably “in charge”. The neighbors’ wife has heart problems. Is the City waiting to get sued for wrongful death? I’m pretty sure that would me more expensive than a couple of dollars’ worth of overtime for a plow to be applied. I

    I’m wondering when the buses I take will be gone. Considering the miserable funding the state received via Tom Corbet, they will probably be the next thing to compel me to leave.

    “most livable city” in a pig’s eye.

    • cara.jette says:

      I also live on a dead-end Slopes street, and I understand your frustration.

      I hope you can join us at our meeting tonight where we will have city and county officials to question and discuss these issues with. The meeting is at the Monastery Retreat Center (147 Monastery Ave) tonight Tuesday, Feb 18 at 7PM. Future meetings are also posted on the website, and we almost always have a representative from the city at the meetings.

      Also, please keep calling 311 with your complaints. The squeaky wheel does get the oil!

      The organization got small firetrucks to maneuver our narrow hilly streets. Maybe we can get some neighborhood ATV plows.