Let’s Talk Trash

Do you hate seeing so much litter and unsightly trash in your Slopes neighborhood?

We do too. We, the Outreach Committee of the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association, have started a campaign we hope will make change in the Slopes. We’re calling on you, our neighbors, to join us in the fight to clean up the ‘hood. As we continue to battle the ever-present litter on our streets, we are trying to make sure all residents are aware of the City of Pittsburgh rules around trash storage and collection (see below for rules) outside the home.

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One Response to Let’s Talk Trash

  1. cara.jette says:

    Hi Sandra,
    We are a non-profit volunteer neighborhood association that is not associated with the city or county. We are attempting a grass roots effort to address the trash issues in our neighborhood. We will be updating along the way with any progress that we make. I can’t speak to your city, but the city of Pittsburgh does respond to our requests as they can on a case-by-case basis. However, we are finding that the city’s fines and process also need to be updated, so we are also attempting to address that. We have discovered that a lot of people are facing similar issues throughout the region, but there are a lot of people who do care. Good luck!