Clearing the Steps – One Set at a Time

5 concerned Slopes citizens tackled 3 sets of steps on Saturday.

The results speak for themselves:

Good work!

This particular set was out of control. If you’re walking the stairs, please help out by regularly snapping or clipping invasive vines and weeds.

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6 Responses to Clearing the Steps – One Set at a Time

  1. Jamin says:

    Nice work. Next up, upper Eleanor? Oakley Way above Mission? Mission east of Holt? Anyone else have a wish list?

  2. Adam says:

    Welsh Way could use a lot of help. St. Paul->18th st stairs are getting bad.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Could you tell me which steps were tackled? I’ve been trying to keep up after mine.

    Also, they are wooden steps and while I’ve repaired one or two of them myself (nailed them back down), I was thinking about calling 311 to have the whole set looked at–lots of loose stairs. Has anyone ever done this and what were the results?

    • Jamin says:

      We did the Short Street steps, which don’t seem to be named on Google Maps. If you search on Short Street 15203 they kinda show up. We also did Yard Way a bit, as well as some of lower Eleanor.

      I have called 311 on wooden steps several times. My area of concern was left untouched for a while, and the home was vacant. The home is now occupied and the steps have been repaired. Not sure if the city did it or the new homeowners….

    • Adam says:

      311 is definitely a good idea for the city to properly deal with it.

      I hammer nails back into my wooden set but inevitably they will pop back out and usually quite quickly. It really takes a new nail, or better yet a drill then screw, to keep them in good repair.

  4. Brian says:

    Definitely 311 them. Even if they don’t get to them quickly it will be documented through the city… And if more 311’s come in it will climb the priority list. Get your neighbors to 311 them also. What steps are they?